It has been, and will continue to be, our pleasure to serve the Dental Community.


For Thirty Five years, Marin Orthodontics has provided high quality orthodontic appliances at prices reasonably below the national average. 


 New: Marin Orthodontics offers 3d Printing services.

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Marin Orthodontics offers a full service lab and the finest quality and largest selection of special effects in orthodontic appliances at reasonable prices. Each appliance offers the individual wearer a selection of special effects that allow for that one of a kind smile.


Quality appliances that require ninety percent less chair time and provide for our clients satisfaction is synonymous with the Marin Orthodontics name.


It has been our experience that the terminology we use, is at times confusing, and in an effort to clarify designs, we have attempted to organize effective reference pictures or drawings of the more commonly requested appliances for practical convenience.

This Website contains our latest Catalog for Marin Orthodontics Appliances


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It has and always will be our goal to provide quality, service and only raise our prices when and where necessary. 


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